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Test Case Design
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104. Test Case Design Techniques for Manual and Automated Testing

Intro Software Testing
Identifying the MITs
Selecting the MITs
Test Case Design
Req.  Based Test
Metrics with SCurves
Test Automation
Security Testing Web
Agile Testing
MITs for Managers
Test Management
PM for Test Projects
Benefits of MITs
Marnie L Hutcheson
Organizers Checklist

1 Day Tutorial

Verification and Validation V and V is not something a professional tester does only at the end. It is part of each phase of development and deployment. (Or, at the least, it should be!)  In this course, you learn test design techniques that can be used at each phase of development and test. We cover Static Test Design (from Requirements to Scenarios, Functional Design and Coding). And we explore Dynamic Test Design (from Unit Testing to Module Integration, System Test, User Acceptance and Beta Test). Practical examples are provided for each technique.

Students Learn

  • Black Box (Static), Clear Box (Dynamic) and Gray Box (Dynamic) Test Design techniques
    • How and Why you should do V and V (verification, validation) at each phase of development and test cycle
    • Review of Software Testing Terms, Definitions
  • Techniques
    • Modeling
    • All Pairs and Matrix Data Reductions
    • Logic Flow Diagrams, Basis Paths


  • Introduction to Test Case Design Techniques
    • Test Lifecycle, Verification and Validation to support Development Model
    • Review Software Testing Terminology
    • Positive and Negative Testing
    • Static and Dynamic Testing
    • Testing Levels; Starting with Requirements
    • Black Box, Clear Box, Gray Box Methods and Techniques
  • Test Case Design Techniques
    • Black Box Techniques Static Test Design
    • Turn Requirements into Scenarios (Decision Tables: How many possible combinations exist? Modeling Activity: Diagrams and Use Cases)
    • From Functional Design to Detailed Design to Coding
    • Data Design Techniques for Test Cases (Boundary Value Analysis, Equivalence Class Partitioning, All Pairs Reductions, Matrix Data Reductions)
    • Clear and Gray Box Techniques Dynamic Test Design
  • Logic Flow Diagrams and Basis Paths
  • Unit and Module Integration Testing; Statement and Branch Coverage

1+ Day Workshop

104W is available as an add-on workshop when taken with Test Case Design Techniques for Manual and Automated Testing.


Provide mentoring as students apply new techniques to their real world problems

Students Gain

  • Hands-on experience applying the test scenario design techniques and the test case design techniques
  • Students exercise their in-house standards and guidelines; students identify difficulties
  • Practice developing automation frameworks that work for you
  • Practice Test Case Template Design and Development
  • Practice Bug Reporting and Measuring techniques


  • Practice using:
    • Decision Tables to Estimate All Possible Combinations
    • Boundary Value Analysis
    • Equivalence Class Partitioning
    • Test Case Template
  • Test Case Template Design and Development for each data design technique in practice exercises
  • Template, Exercises: Black Box and Clear or Gray Box data design. Manual/Automated Testing
  • Automation framework evaluation

 Any of the following materials can be used to customize exercises and test case templates for your enterprise. Provide samples, specs or data -- with non-disclosure statements -- in advance of an onsite training date:

  • Sample data input screen(s) shots
  • Sample file or data definitions (screen shot, Excel spreadsheet, or text file)
  • Sample Schema, or data sets (screen shot, Excel spreadsheet, or text file)
  • The parent requirements, specifications and/or change requests, business rule(s), Use Cases, functional flow or process flows

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